About Me

About Me

Hey! I'm Laura

Cyclical Business Mentor & Consultant

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I’m one of those naturally organised people. I love planning, systems, tech, and finding a way to make things simpler and easier.

In all the jobs I have ever had I was always looking for ways to make things easier for me, and my colleagues. If I could create a way to organise, streamline, or automate something I would.

But, like a lot of us, I ended up burning out working in a system that based success on productvity and output. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel, moving from one project to the next without really making a difference in the world, and sacrificing my own health and happiness along the way.

So I started my own business… Little did I know that was just the start of the journey and evolution of my how I am of service to online business owners.

What started out as systems and planning mentoring and support for online businesses, has evolved into what Business with Flow is today.

Through my business journey I met my mentor Stasha Washburn and started learning about my cycle. Cycle syncing was one of the peices of the puzzle that helped me heal from burnout and my addiction to working all the time! When Stasha launched Period Coaching School in 2020, I just knew I had to be one of the founding students, and cycle syncing became one of the key pillars I now mentor my clients in.

I'm on a mission to show women and cyclical humans that we can run successful businesses without hustling and burning out. That when we embrace and honour our cyclical nature, we can still make progress on our goals, and take time to rest when we need it!

You can learn more about my story in Episode 1 of The With Flow Podcast.

Come and hang out with me on Instagram (it's the only social media you'll find me on).

Fun random facts about me

  • Pink is my favourite colour (although you probably worked that out already)
  • I’m a Virgo…. which makes complete sense given my love of order and organisation!
  • I'm a 6/3 Self-projected Projector in Human Design, something I am still learning about but very curious.
  • I am a Mentor Teacher, Mediator Diplomat, Inspirer Believer, Heroine Adventurer, Queen Ruler in Shannon Dunn's Thrive Factor archetypes.
  • I live in Aoetearoa New Zealand with my 2 beagles / office assistants Bella and Barry
  • I’m a complete introvert, which is why I love online business!
  • My brain thinks in flow charts
  • Although systems are my zone of genius, I’m also a certfied Period Coach, and have spent time studying intuition with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.
  • I LOVE music. Foo Fighters are my absolute fave (you should see my Spotify Wrapped), but I’m also a Swiftie!
  • My lockdown hobby was learning to speak Italian. I hope to visit sometime and put it into practice.
  • I can often be found dancing (badly) around my kitchen
  • Wanna be my BFF…. bring me coffee (coconut latte please)
Photo of Laura from Business with Flow

Qualifications and Credentials

So you wanna know if I am qualified to work in space? The answer is yes!

  • I have a business degree from the University of Waikato, majoring in buinsess systems ( I graduated with first class honours).
  • In the corporate world I completed a lot of ongoing training including Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Prince2 project management.
  • I've spent close to 20 years in the corporate world working on business improvement and transformation projects.
  • And I've been working with clients in my own business since late 2016.
  • I completed a year long training program with Stasha Washburn in Period Coaching School


She leads, she thrives podcast with Shannon Dunn The Thrivefactor
The Powerful Content Podcast with Mel Daniels
The Your Biz Podcast
The Smart Women in Business Podcast with Jane McKay
The Happy Chicks Podcast with Loretta Hart
Biz Alchemy Podcast with Jacquelyn Atkins

I love talking about cycles to anyone who will listen!

If you have a show or group that would like to hear more about aligning your business and launches with your cycle, send me a message via the Contact page or DM me on Instagram.

© 2016 - 2024 Laura Dick | Business with Flow.

All Rights Reserved


© 2016 - 2023 Laura Dick | Business with Flow.

All Rights Reserved