About Me
Hey I'm Laura, Cyclical Business Mentor and Systems Queen

As a kid I was always organising my toys and books. Everything had a place, and everything was in its place. And if you mucked up the system, then watch out!

In all the jobs I have ever had I was always looking for ways to make things easier for me, and my colleagues. If I could create a way to organise, streamline, or automate something I would.

And somewhere along the way I made that my job. I spent over 15 years working in corporate roles working on large scale business transformation projects.

But there was something missing…. I realised that while I enjoyed my work, I was burning myself out working for people that didn’t appreciate me, and I didn’t feel like I was really making a difference in the world.

So I started my own business… Little did I know that was just the start of the journey and evolution of my how I am of service to women in business.

What started out as systems and planning mentoring and support for online business, has evolved into what Business with Flow is today. Combining both the yin of cycle syncing and intuition, with the yang of systems and planning.  Because when you allow both in your business that is when the magic happens!

You can learn more about my story on the With Flow Podcast.

Fun, random facts about me….

I’m a Virgo…. which makes complete sense given my zone of genius!

I live in Hamilton, New Zealand with my 2 beagles / office assistants Bella and Barry

I’m a complete introvert, which is why I love online business!

My brain thinks in flow charts

Although systems are my zone of genius, I’m also a certfied Period Coach.

I love music and will listen to almost anything, but I’m rock chick at heart. Foo Fighters are my absolute fave!

I can often be found dancing (badly) around my kitchen

Wanna be my BFF…. bring me coffee (coconut latte please)

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Certified Period Coach