Planning can kinda get a bad wrap.

And yeah I get it, not everyone is a natural born planner like me!

But without a plan it can be so easy to get lost in the doing without actually working on the things that actually matter.

So in this episode we’re busting some of the common myths about planning.

Key points in this episode:

  1. A plan is simply a tool that guides you in the direction of reaching your goals
  2. It keeps you focused on the right tasks and activities that will support you to reach your goal, rather than trying to do everything and nothing sticks
  3. We bust the myths that:
    1. A plan is set in stone and can’t be changed
    2. Planning is restrictive
    3. You have to stick with your plan no matter what
    4. Your plan has to be super detailed
    5. Having a plan means you have to be working all the time

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