In this episode I chat with my friend Belinda Gill from Better Than Busy.

Belinda and I have been in many of the same online business circles for a few years now.We always connect over our shared business philosophies of keeping business simple and building your business without having to hustle.

Belinda is a an MBA qualified business strategist and mentor, who helps women to simplify their business model and strategy so that they can earn more without doing more. A former corporate lawyer, advisor and contract manager, she loves to find a simple solution to a complex situation. She is the least lawyer-like ex lawyer you will meet :). Belinda grew her business around her two kids and a day job and in 2020 doubled her business income whilst working less hours.

Key points in this episode:

  1. Belinda’s journey from corporate lawyer, to completing her MBA, to starting an online business
  2. How Belinda runs her business around her family, health issues, and a part time corporate job
  3. The simple structure of Belinda’s business that allowed her to double her income and work less
  4. How to get started creating a simple business model that works for you

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