The world we currently live in doesn’t accept laziness.

It’s seen as a bad thing, not something to aspire to.

We live in a culture that glamourizes hustle and praises hard work.

But in recent years I’ve been working to embrace the lazy part of myself.

It hasn’t been easy, she was buried pretty deep and hard to find thanks to all that conditioning and lifelong habits.

But after burning out pretty bad, I knew embracing her had to become part of my life if I wanted to heal and not repeat the same patterns.

Key points in this episode:

  1. If your body or mind is tired, you need rest, especially in the luteal and menstrual phases!
  2. You should never have to feel guilty about slowing down and resting, its a normal part of how our bodies work and communicate with us.
  3. My tips for embracing your own inner lazy girl.
  4. A reminder that we are cyclical beings – we have our 24 hour circadian rhythm and our monthly cyclical rhythm, both of which require rest!

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