By now you should know why I love planning.

Planning keeps you focused on the right work that will move you towards reaching your goals. You know exactly what you need to do when you sit down at your desk each day.

In this episode we’re covering how to plan your business in flow with your menstrual cycle.

** Not got a natural hormonal cycle? Sub the phases of the moon and apply the same principles – new moon is your menstrual phase, full moon is your ovulation phase.

Key points in this episode:

  1. How I plan for the next 12 months, month, and week ahead
  2. How I use the 4 phases of my cycle to plan and take action on my goals
  3. The tools I use to plan my business

The planning tool I mentioned in this episode is Clickup.

**Please note this is my affiliate link, if you sign up with Clickup on a paid plan I will receive a small commission, but I promote it because I love it and use it every day in my business.

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