We all have a favourite phase of our cycle…
The one where we feel the most comfortable and at home.

For me that is follicular and ovulation.
I’m good at planning, making things happen, rolling up my sleeves and getting things done.

And we also have those phases of our cycles that we resist…
The ones that don’t feel comfortable or we struggle to embrace them.

For me that is definitely luteal phase.
Even though I know it’s coming. Even though I know it’s ok to slow down, to rest. I still resist it. I still beat myself up when one day I feel amazing, and a few days later that estrogen drop leaves me with a massive case of the CBFs. For me these are still the most difficult days of my cycle to navigate.

Today I wanted to share my tips on leaning into the phases we resist the most.

A reminder: if you have painful periods, severe PMS, mood swings, or other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, this is not normal. See your GP or naturopath and get support to balance your hormones.

Key points in this episode:

Things to explore and reflect on:

1 – What exactly is it that you’re resisting?

2 – Are you setting unrealistic expectations on yourself?

3 – Do you need support or to learn new skills?

4 – What is it that you really need?

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