A few years ago, hustling was the thing. Get up early, work late, be on all the platforms, do all things….

And then slowly some of us started to come to our senses and realise it was sustainable.

Hustle culture leads to burnout, sacrifice (personal life, health), doing anything and everything, do whatever it takes mentality.

But you can have success in business without the hustle!

Key points in this episode:

  • Anti-hustle isn’t anti-success, its about working smarter, not harder…. It’s about doing the right work that is in alignment with reaching your goals
  • You can be anti-hustle and:
    • work hard
    • be productive
    • be focussed on your goals
    • be successful and driven
  • but we do it in a way that is more sustainable.
  • How our cyclical nature supports periods of work and periods of rest

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