Do you ever take the time to stop and review your business?

What works? And what doesn’t?
Am I still working towards the right goals?
Am I working on the right things that will take me towards those goals?
Am I working as efficiently and effectively as I can?
Do I have the right tools to support my business?

In this episode I share the process I go through with both my own business, and my mentoring clients, to complete a business review.

Key points of the episode:

  • Your luteal phase is a great time for doing a review
  • Identify the key areas of your business – content, clients, courses, financials, tools and apps
  • Ask these questions:
    • How much time and energy is this taking?
    • Does this feel good, fun, in alignment?
    • What aspects of this aren’t working?
    • How can I make this easier or do this better?
    • What can you let go of?
  • What are your quick wins and bigger projects you need to prioritise?

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