I remember when I first started working full time after I graduated from university.

I prided myself on how efficient I was, how much work I could get done, and how quickly I could get it done. I was always asking for more work, more projects.  

I didn’t realise it then, but I was trying to prove my worth by how efficient I was.

I was looking for external validation, pats on the back, comments about how good I was.

But I also got a high from ticking stuff off my to do list, I lived for that next hit, and like any drug, over time you need more and more just to get that same pleasure.

It’s any wonder I ended up with severe burnout!

In this episode I’m sharing my journey from being a prisoner to my to do list, to creating space and freedom in my business.

Key points of the episode:

  • Being busy for the sake of being busy is the path to burnout
  • Success comes from aligned action, not doing all the things
  • Working in harmony with your cycle supports periods of rest as well as periods of productivity
  • Its ok to let go of what isn’t working

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