I hear myself often telling my clients, start simple, get the foundations in place, and then add more.

It’s human nature to assume something we have never done is going to be hard, and I think at times this leads to the false assumption that it must be complicated.

And when we haven’t done something in our business before – maybe its create and launch a new program, set up your first evergreen funnel, run a webinar or 5 day experience, we often assume that we have to do all the things we see others in the online space doing.

And then we make it really hard for ourselves, it becomes this big, scary, overwhelming thing. So we don’t do it. We hold ourselves back.  

Or we try to do it end up burnout and frustrated because we think it needs to be this big thing with all the bells and whistles.

Key points of the episode:

  • Trying to replicate someone else’s strategy probably won’t work for you
  • You need to build the foundations in your business to support sustainable growth
  • Business and launching can be simple
  • Take the simple and imperfect actions, find what works and what doesn’t, and allow that to support your business growth

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