Now this episode is intended to be a bit of fun. 

But today I wanted to chat about some of things I see and experience online that are just plain ick!

Now what makes my skin crawl might not seem so bad for you.  Use the tactics and strategies that feel good and right for you. Your business, your rules.

Also please remember that it’s possible that in the past we have done things that we look back on and cringe. It’s all a learning process, don’t beat yourself up.  Learn and move on. 

Business tactics I’m over:

  • Cold pitches, either in the DMs or via email
  • People who follow you and then randomly like a bunch of your posts in the hope you’ll follow them back…
  • No ability to opt out of launch specific email sequences
  • Using shame tactics in marketing that make you feel bad about yourself 
  • Lifestyle marketing aka look at how rich I am

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