Do you feel the pressure to be more productive and get more done in your business?    

Sometimes it feels like you open up Instagram and you’re being bombarded with all of these tips about being more productive, being more efficient.

In this episode I want to call bullshit on some of the productivity hacks out there that I just can’t get on board with. 

A reminder, as women or menstruating humans, we aren’t built to be productive every single day. We’re not meant to be consistent day in, day out, across the month. 

Key Points in this Episode:

  • Why I dislike time blocking, eat the frog, and the 5am club productivity advice
  • Productivity hacks I do like
  • Why rest, sunshine, and fresh air are just as important for your productivity
  • There is no right way…. Understanding yourself, how you work best, how you’re motivated, vs what drains or overwhelms you is the key to creating the environment for being productive in your business. 

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