Episode 69 - Exploring the Thrive Factor Archetypes with Shannon Dunn

In this episode I chat with Shannon Dunn all about her Thrive Factor Framework and archetypes.

Shannon Dunn is an international award winning business and leadership coach, speaker, retreat leader, and best selling author with over 16 yrs leading her own coaching and consulting company Thrive Factor Co.

Shannon coaches ambitious, ingenious souls to turn their lived and learned experiences (their wisdom) into income streams and wildly profitable ones at that. She is obsessed with creating ease by releasing the trappings of unhealthy hustle and instead carving your own path as the rebel you are. Rebel meaning a woman who’s making her own decisions and creating purposeful impact being herself.

She’s the creator of the Thrive Factor Framework® and its 12 female centric Archetypes. It powerfully and reliably taps women directly into the psychology of self-awareness and activates thriving by defining core archetypal strengths and opening to understanding potential challenges based on a unique combination of 3-6 Archetypes, your Thrive Factor. The Thrive Factor Framework®, launched in 2010, is the cornerstone of all of Shannon’s work.

Shannon teaches a Thrive Factor Coach® certification and has a huge vision to lead a community of licensed coaches worldwide as they share the Thrive Factor wisdom and its unique style of coaching to create lasting client transformation and a ripple effect of increased thriving worldwide.

When not coaching, speaking, teaching, leading retreats, or authoring Shannon’s checking the forecast to see if she can get out on my paddleboard, heading to the beach, pool, or Pilates, indulging her love of mixed media painting, chilling with friends and being hooman to her demanding sidekick and chief nap officer Archie cat.

Key points in this episode:

  • How Shannon came to create the Thrive Factor Archetypes
  • An overview of some of the main archetypes that show up in Shannon's clients and circles
  • Why we love learning about ourselves
  • How knowing your archetypes can support you to do business your way.
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© 2016 - 2023 Laura Dick | Business with Flow.

All Rights Reserved