Like our cycles, the seasons of the year, or the phases of the moon, our businesses are seasonal too.

There are seasons where we see growth, and seasons where we focus on sustaining where we are.

There are seasons of fast action, and seasons for slowing down. 

But for many of us, the slower paced seasons feel uncomfortable. We’re constantly bombarded with messaging online about growing and scaling your business, hitting that next income goal. And there is nothing wrong with business growth, but its about doing it in a way that is intentional and in alignment with the business that you want to create.

Key Points in this Episode:

  • We need the slower paced seasons of our business to get clarity and ensure we are in alignment
  • Slowing down isn’t stopping, it’s not going backwards, it’s not failing
  • It’s not sustainable for us to be in high paced action taking seasons in our businesses all the time
  • The act of slowing down goes against all our conditioning, it will feel rebellious and uncomfortable at first

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