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Work with Me

Cyclical Business Mentoring

Did you start your own business with the hopes of having more time and freedom while doing something you truly love? (Yep me too)

Only to find yourself working harder than you ever did in the corporate career you so desperately wanted to escape? (Yep, also me!)

You're committed to your mission and vision, you're making a difference in the world, but this online business thing can feel harder than it needs to sometimes right?

As high achievers we thrive under pressure, we have high expectations of ourselves, and we'll do everything we can to achieve our goals. But our perfectionist tendencies can lead to trying to do all the things, while sacrificing ourselves in the process.

You've already achieved success in your business, you created life changing programs, and seen amazing results in your clients but… it came through hard work, and you know it's just not sustainable in the long term.

But the key to success isn't doing more, or being more productive, or copying what everyone else online is doing.

It's finding the right way to do business for you, that aligns with your values, strengths, and talents, and that won't leave you burnt out and frustrated.

This mentoring program has 3 key pillars:

  • Working in alignment with your cycle
  • Aligned strategy and plan
  • Strong and supportive business foundations

This 6 month mentoring program is designed to support you to intentionally create a business that doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and frustrated.

Over our time together, we have the opportunity to go deep into understanding your cycle, so you can plan to do the right work at the optimal time of your cycle.

But, it's not just about your cycle.

It's about consciously creating a business that runs with more ease and flow.

We create a planning process that works for you, keeping you focused on achieving your goals, and create systems and workflows that streamline how your business operates without having to spend hours at your desk.

And you have me, by your side, for accountability and support.

(** Looking for a shorter commitment? You might like to consider an intentive)

The three pillars - cycle alignment, strategy and planning, systems and tech

Who is this program for?

This program would be a good fit for you if you identify as any of the following:

  • You're a service based online business owner
  • A high achiever who is ready to slow the F down
  • You've built a successful business that feels hard and overwhelming to run, you're ready for more simplicity and ease
  • You know it's time to create better business foundations to support your growth, you just don't know where to start
  • You find yourself saying "there has to be a better way" frequently
  • You've tried doing what everyone on the internet tells you to do, but you want to try doing things your way
  • You see the value in implementing repeatable systems and a planning framework in your business

This program would NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You're looking for a marketing or sales coach
  • You're looking for someone to give you their exact 6 steps to a million dollar business

How does the program work?

Business Review

Prior to our first session I will invite you to complete a review of your business. This includes what is working well for you right now, what you're struggling with, and areas where you'd like to make improvements.

In our first session we'll discuss your business review, set goals for our time together, and create an action plan to achieve those goals.

In our last session we'll complete another business review to celebrate the progress you've made in our time together.


I don't use a set methodology that I follow for every single client. We tailor our time together based on your specific goals and needs.

I utilise all of my expertise and experience in cycle syncing, energetic practices, project management and planning, systems and tech, to support you where you're at.

1:1 Sessions

We can use our 1:1 sessions to cover whatever is top of mind for you. Want to use this time to map out your next launch plan, document a process for running a webinar, or setting up the apps you use in your business? Great we'll focus there.

Prefer to use the time to deep dive into working with your cycle, creating more space for rest, or working through what strategies work best for you? Then that's where we'll go.

Nothing is off limits, and you set the direction

All sessions are recorded for you to listen back to later if you need.

And you have access to me via Voxer in between sessions.

What's included?

  • Business review to identify where you're at and opportunities for us to explore during our time together
  • Fortnightly 1:1 calls
  • Voxer support (Mon-Fri during NZ business hours)
  • Self study access to my program Cycle Aligned Business ($50)
  • Access to my templates and workflows, and my systems oriented brain

The investment

6 Months

$2800 USD

or 6 monthly payments of $470

  • 12 x 1:1 calls (2 per month)
  • Voxer access Mon-Fri
  • Self Study access to Cycle Aligned Business
  • Business review


What if I don't have a cycle? Or I'm not interested in cycle alignment?

That's cool, I'll never force you into something that doesn't resonate for you!

If you don't have a cycle you can sub the phases of the moon for the 4 phases of your cycle and apply the concepts.

Regardless, I will always advocate for creating more space, downtime, and rest.

Do I need to be at a certain stage of business to be ready for this?

Not specifically. The best time to create solid business foundations for your business is from the beginning, the next best is today.

However please know this is not a program that will support you with marketing, offer creation, or the basics of starting a business from scratch. If that is where you need support, I'm not the right person for that.

Does this program include any done for you system setup?

No, but we can use your 1:1 sessions to do this together if that is where you want support.

© 2016 - 2024 Laura Dick | Business with Flow.

All Rights Reserved


© 2016 - 2023 Laura Dick | Business with Flow.

All Rights Reserved