Does it feel like you’re doing everything right, but not making progress? Not getting the results you want or expect?

Are you tracking your stats and looking at your metrics?

Bear with me….

We all know that you can’t just set the intention and things magically happen. Results come from taking the practical action, from the things you actually do, not just think about doing. 

Key Points in this Episode:

  • Tracking the actions you’re taking is one way to ensure you’re actually doing the things you need to to reach your goals.
  • Your metrics will also help pin point where things might be going wrong, and whether you need to tweak and adjust your approach
  • Qualitative insight is important too! You need both.  
  • Examples of non-business metrics – tracking your macros, charting your cycle, tracking how many times you workout
  • Examples of business metrics – each step of your funnel, your social media reach and engagement, list growth, email open and click through rates. 

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