In today’s episode I’m breaking down some of the marketing buzz words I’ve observed over the last while and what they mean.

Intention, alignment, and connection are kind of big buzz words when it comes to women in the online business world. These words get sprinkled in SM captions, sales page copy, emails.

And, somewhat ironically, I do wonder if people are being intentional with their use of these words or they’re using them as fluff and filler without much meaning behind them….

So today I wanted to break down what they actually mean to ME, and why I use them in my content and copy.

Key Points in this episode:

  1. Intention – being conscious and considered about the actions you take, the decisions you make, what you say yes to and what you say no to
  2. Alignment – taking action that is in integrity with your values or is taking you towards your goals
  3. Connection – building genuine relationships with your audience, engaging and having conversations

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