When you have a launch that doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped, it sucks!

But, it happens to everyone. Trust me. You might see these big launches and success online, what you don’t see is the first few launches these people had that barely made any money….

But if you give up after one sucky launch, you never take what you learned, and use it to improve the next one. And get better with each launch. And maybe one day reach the launch goals you have.

Here are my tips for recovering from a failed launch:

  1. Feel your feelings.
  2. Do a review of your launch, even if it “failed” there will be some things that you can celebrate.
  3. Also look at what didn’t work, so you know what to tweak or adjust next time.
  4. Set the intention to launch again.
  5. Create a plan for your next launch that takes into account what you learnt from this, and moves you forward towards the next launch.
  6. Get support where you need it.

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