In this episode I chat with Mel Daniels.  Mel is a Content Strategist, Coach and Speaker.  Mel’s purpose is to teach and empower women who want more from their business, on how to use content in a genuine way. She gives them the confidence they need to become more visible, seen as the expert that they are and inspired to take their business to the next level.

Mel and I chat about how to create powerful, purposeful, and intentional content so you can stand out from the noise online.

Key Points in this Episode:

  • What is content marketing? And why is it important for business?
  • Aligning our content with our client journey
  • Creating content that is intentional and purposeful rather than just more of the noise we see online.
  • Tips for making content creation easier and less overwhelming.

Connect with Mel:
Facebook Group: The Content Project
Membership: The Content Effect

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