In this episode I chat with my good friend Chenae Carey about entrepreneurial freedom, and her new book ‘Is your Business a Prison?’.

Chenae is an Intuitive Business Mentor specialising in businesses run by women. Chenae bridges the gap between practical strategy and intuitive guidance for her clients.

Established self-employed women who feel trapped by their business work with Chenae to achieve entrepreneurial freedom because they wholeheartedly believe that their business isn’t meant to feel like a prison. She published a book on the subject, called ‘Is Your Business a Prison?’ to help her work reach more businesses.

Her global client base includes a variety of different businesses including energy workers, coaches, CEOs and creatives who want to confidently attract more clients, save time and become more efficient.

Key Points in this Episode:

  • What is a business prison and how do we know we’re stuck in one?
  • How do we break free from these business prison cells and find freedom?
  • How entrepreneurial freedom looks different for everyone
  • Why you need the blend of practical 3D actions, combined with mindset and energy work, to create your version of a successful business

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